We support the communities of our coffee growers, an essential part of our brand Koffie Cup, and we make this our social commitment.
We take the utmost care of our coffees’ quality
Koffie Cup was born with the commitment to offer a unique coffee to our consumers in an innovative and environment-friendly capsule.

We want to bring the best coffee to the most demanding palates. A coffee that we grow with care and passion in the best coffee regions in the world.

Koffie Cup is more than just a coffee, it is a journey to the unique flavours, aromas and pleasures that the earth gives us. Coffee is rooted in the culture of each country, therefore, each coffee is different and transports you to its origin.

Our origins are influenced by artisanal production, in which we take care of details, work, and quality. Our priority is to support the development of the coffee regions, betting on the growth of the communities and collaborating hand in hand to improve, optimize and achieve the best coffee production.
In Koffie Cup we care and are present in the whole process of our coffees’ production
Our manufacturing process plays a fundamental role in achieving the perfect coffee. Its impeccable elaboration integrates only the best technologies and experience.
We are directly involved in the different countries of origin, selecting the best coffee beans to guarantee and produce the best cups of coffee.

The fundamental key to our process is roasting. Roasting allows us to transform and develop each of our origins separately into a diversity of aromas and flavours that, when blended, will create a unique and unmistakable complexity in each of our coffee varieties.

Choose Home Compostable

We turn waste into a resource

Because 100% Home Compostable capsules are manufactured with natural resources of vegetable and organic origin. All its components degrade within 26 weeks without passing through any industrial process. They can be thrown in the organic waste bin or in the compost bin of your garden or community. This way it becomes compost and can be used as fertilizer of soil, gardens or farming.